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Loving yourself is the greatest revolution.


Central Illinois's Premier Boudoir Studio

Your body was never the problem. The problem will always be the structure that made you believe it was.

Embrace and love your body. It is the most amazing thing you will ever own.

"This experience replenished my self love, my confidence, and it made me see my own beauty." ~Miss E


Love Notes

See what our clients are saying...



"Ladies, YOU MUST DO A SHOOT!! I know, I know, you have those covid lbs you need to lose first, you’re shy, it’s completely out of your comfort zone, you have all these excuses as to why you can’t. But believe me when I say, YOU NEED IT!!! After my experience with Dani, I see myself completely differently. I have a new self confidence I never even dreamed of having. Dani is an angel. She has a way of making you feel 100% comfortable even when you have barely any clothes on. The entire experience was amazing. Showing up and being pampered with hair and make up was so relaxing. It’s all the EXPERIENCE. These ladies are complete professionals and will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Best believe that I will definitely do this again and again!!"

Miss M

3 Warner Kaylee-Edit.jpg


"Prior to having this shoot, I suffered with self confidence and self worth issues. I didn’t think I was sexy because I was still stuck in the mindset I had prior to having a child with the body of someone that has already birthed one.

This shoot changed how I feel about my body. Maybe not all the time, but I question how I look in clothes and lingerie a lot less now than before having my shoot. When my husband tells me I’m beautiful, it’s not as hard to see what he’s seeing. I’m so glad to have experienced this, and I think anyone struggling with self confidence or self worth should have a shoot done to see themselves behind Dani’s lens. It will change your life."

Miss K

LIsa Fay-114.jpg


​"I can be pretty shy, but sometimes pretty brave. I decided to do this during one of those brief moments of bravery. Then I almost chickened out. I had heard other brides talk about boudoir photo shoots on a wedding-related social media group I am in. A friend of mine had invited me to Dani's facebook group a while back and I loved looking at the beautiful photos. Then we got to talking about boudoir shoots at work one day too. I became more and more convinced that it may be something I wanted to do. I thought it would make a great gift for my fiance too. Then a coupon was posted in Dani's facebook group and I just jumped for it! I wondered later if I was truly brave enough or if I felt good enough about myself physically to do this.


I spent a while shopping for beautiful outfits and shoes preparing for the shoot. That was fun.Then I brought all my beautiful items to the shoot and Dani picked out which ones she thought would work best, while I was pampered getting my hair and makeup professionally done. Posing for the first couple of photos was a little intimidating, but it did not take me much time to get used to it. Then I loved it! I felt like a supermodel. I felt sexy and beautiful. I had a lot of fun!


When I received my first sneak peak photo, I was blown away and immediately showed all of my friends and my fiance. They were blown away too. Part of me couldn't believe I showed such a sexy, intimate photo to all my friends, but it was done so tastefully and most of all I was proud of it. I've now seen all of my images and I can't wait to show off more of them! I feel really good about how the photos look. I feel like I look pretty hot, especially being a 45 year old mom. I feel like I've still got it! Thank you, Dani!"

Miss L

Angie Patterson-97.jpg

"If you are having reservations on whether to do this or not, well get those thoughts out of your pretty little head! Dani makes you feel so comfortable. I left feeling like a total badass ready to conquer the world! I mean who doesn’t want to feel like that !?! We all have our issues, but how we feel about ourselves shouldn’t be one of them. So find the sexy little things, play those jams, and let Dani do what she does the best and have all the fun!"

Miss A



"Some women fear the fire. Some women simply become it."

~R.H. Sin



I love to see the transformations that happen during a shoot. Not just after hair and makeup but the overall feeling and confidence level. I see that extra pep in your step when you leave your session that you didn't have when you walked in and it is everything!!

This is certainly not to say that a woman needs professional hair and makeup to be beautiful. Quite the opposite actually. You are the same person in every photo. The same badass goddess every day.

"A girl should be two things: who and what she wants."

-Coco Chanel



I'm your photographer, Dani Chepulis, located in Springfield,Illinois. Boudoir photography is my full time obsession.

Why I Shoot Boudoir


 My clients often say they think they're not young enough, not thin enough, not curvy enough. It hurts my heart knowing so many women don't feel good enough. But then... I get excited. I know I'm about to prove you wrong. I get to watch you transform, watch you shift your mindset and blow your own mind. I get to be a part of all of this and it's an empowering experience for both of us. 



At the end of the day, you're your longest commitment.


Dani Chepulis
CEO & Owner of Dani Chepulis Photography

  • Where is your studio located?
    Our studio is located in Downtown Springfield, IL.
  • What are your studio hours?
    We’re open on weekdays, Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., but you can fill out the contact form or contact us here at any time.
  • What should I wear to the session?
    Tighter-fitting clothes will leave marks on your skin, so dress in loose-fitting clothes on the day of your boudoir session. Some of our clients bring a robe to change into so they can get comfy and feel completely pampered during the hair and makeup process.
  • What should I bring to the session?
    Bring at least 6 to 8 outfit choices, including accessories, heels, and anything else you might want to wear for your photoshoot. We recommend bringing a variety of jewelry and lingerie in different colors so we can style you perfectly for each set. We’d much rather have too many outfits than too few, so don’t be afraid to bring that extra pair of earrings or heels. If you’re surprising your significant other with your images, consider bringing along their sports jersey or work uniform.
  • I don’t know how to pose. Will you guide me during the session?
    Yes, absolutely! We provide expert posing guidance for all body types. All you have to do is show up and have fun… We’ll take care of the rest.
  • Is hair and makeup included in my session?
    Yes, professional hair and makeup is included in your session!
  • What does the session fee cover?
    The session fee includes the complimentary consultation and pre-shoot planning session, boudoir photoshoot, and professional hair and makeup from our talented artist. You’ll also receive exclusive access to our luxury studio, wardrobe and styling guidance, and expert posing instructions for your body type. We provide a private image reveal and professional editing and retouching of your favorite images. We even offer complimentary (and optional) wine and champagne to help you relax and have fun at your session. The session fee does not include any prints, products, or digital files. These are available for purchase after your session. Our minimum product investment is $799, but most of our clients spend more than that.
  • How will the images be edited?
    Boudoir is all about celebrating your body, rediscovering your natural beauty, and falling in love with yourself again. We lightly retouch photos to remove temporary marks like blemishes and bruises, but we don’t use extreme photoshopping to alter your body. Trust us… Once you see your images, you’ll start to love every curve and grey hair that makes you, you.
  • When do I get to see my images?
    Your private image reveal and ordering appointment will be held 1 to 2 weeks after your session date. At the appointment, you’ll be able to select your favorite images, design your custom products, and place your order.
  • Can I bring someone to my shoot?
    No. To give you the best possible boudoir session, we don’t allow anyone to accompany you to the studio. Boudoir is an intimate experience, and we want you to feel 100% comfortable throughout the session. An extra person will make it difficult to relax, pose, and capture all your best angles.
  • I’m very plus-size/curvy. Can you work with me?
    Absolutely! Most of our clients are plus-size/curvy. We specialize in creating jaw-dropping boudoir portraits of women of ALL ages, shapes, sizes, and colors. View the portfolio for examples.
  • Do you share my images online?
    We take your privacy very seriously. We do not share anything from your session unless you permit it, and we ONLY share images that you approve. We have clients that choose to share all of their images, only anonymous images, or none at all.
  • This is my first boudoir shoot! What if I'm shy in front of the camera?
    ALL of our clients are nervous before their boudoir shoots… And that’s completely natural! Boudoir makes you step out of your comfort zone and see yourself in ways you never have before. It’s a whole lot of fun, and we provide a judgment-free space where you can feel comfortable in your own skin (and our private luxury studio).
  • I'm really interested in booking a session! What are the next steps?
    Fill out the 2-minute contact form and we’ll send you all the details! If you’re ready to book, send us an email at so we can start planning your boudoir session.
  • How far in advance should I reserve my session?
    Since our studio specializes in boudoir photography, our calendar books up fast! We recommend booking your session date at least 2 to 3 months in advance of the time you’d like your products. We personalize your boudoir experience precisely for you, so this gives us time to edit your images and order and complete your custom products. *We do sometimes accept last-minute bookings. Even if your timeline is shorter than 2 months, contact us here so we can discuss your options.
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