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Finish The Questionaire Below To Qualify! 

JUST FOR YOU! We’re treating selected Healthcare Professionals & Nurses to 50% off their Boudoir Sessions.

Complete our final questionnaire below to be considered for selection!


What's Included In Your 50% Off Boudoir Session?


💛 Professional Makeup and Hairstyling
💛 Wardrobe Advice and Styling
💛 Private Studio Location
💛 Posing Direction for Every Body Type
💛 Unforgettable Boudoir Shoot With Dani Chepulis



Offer Only Available To Select Healthcare Professionals


We want to celebrate the fierce women that save lives every day. You deserve to be pampered after working so hard to keep us safe. We're offering you and all women healthcare workers 50% off a luxury boudoir session.

But Wait...

What IS Boudoir?

Boudoir photography is about capturing women at their most confident and comfortable, in their own skin. They are raw, honest portrayals of one woman’s beauty. Intimate, sensual, and alluring, boudoir photoshoots are an opportunity to break free from the everyday routine into a world where anything is possible.

In short, boudoir is for anyone who longs to feel like they're the most beautiful woman in the world. If that's you, it’s time to be seen.⁣⁣


Fearless Women Just Like You



Your Consultation

We will go over every detail of your boudoir session in a one-on-one boudoir consultation call.

Hair and Make-Up

The Session Day

The Reveal

Reveal your inner goddess with glamourous and sexy looks courtesy of our professional hair and make-up.

During your shoot, we'll guide you from head to toe in order to assure you look and feel your best!

After touch-ups, you will have a session to choose your favorite photos for your collection.



Celebrate your hard work & commitment! 

We're gifting you with a 50% off Luxury Boudoir Experience

See what our clients are saying...


"Ladies, YOU MUST DO A SHOOT!! I know, I know, you have those covid lbs you need to lose first, you’re shy, it’s completely out of your comfort zone, you have all these excuses as to why you can’t. But believe me when I say, YOU NEED IT!!! After my experience with Dani, I see myself completely differently. I have a new self confidence I never even dreamed of having. Dani is an angel. She has a way of making you feel 100% comfortable even when you have barely any clothes on. The entire experience was amazing. Showing up and being pampered with hair and make up was so relaxing. It’s all the EXPERIENCE. These ladies are complete professionals and will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Best believe that I will definitely do this again and again!!"


Miss M


"Prior to having this shoot, I suffered with self confidence and self worth issues. I didn’t think I was sexy because I was still stuck in the mindset I had prior to having a child with the body of someone that has already birthed one.

This shoot changed how I feel about my body. Maybe not all the time, but I question how I look in clothes and lingerie a lot less now than before having my shoot. When my husband tells me I’m beautiful, it’s not as hard to see what he’s seeing. I’m so glad to have experienced this, and I think anyone struggling with self confidence or self worth should have a shoot done to see themselves behind Dani’s lens. It will change your life."

Miss K

"If you are having reservations on whether to do this or not, well get those thoughts out of your pretty little head! Dani makes you feel so comfortable. I left feeling like a total badass ready to conquer the world! I mean who doesn’t want to feel like that !?! We all have our issues, but how we feel about ourselves shouldn’t be one of them. So find the sexy little things, play those jams, and let Dani do what she does the best and have all the fun!"

Miss A


Dani Chepulis
CEO & Owner of Dani Chepulis Photography


I'm your photographer, Dani Chepulis, located in Springfield, Illinois. Boudoir photography is my full-time obsession.

Why I Shoot Boudoir


 My clients often say they think they're not young enough, not thin enough, not curvy enough. It hurts my heart knowing so many women don't feel good enough. But then... I get excited. I know I'm about to prove you wrong. I get to watch you transform, watch you shift your mindset and blow your own mind. I get to be a part of all of this and it's an empowering experience for both of us. 

Session Terms & Conditions

💛 This offer is exclusive to women who work within the medical field.
💛 Prints, products, and digital files are not included with the session fee.
💛 Prints, products, and digital files may be purchased for an additional cost.
💛 This offer cannot be applied to any previous or current bookings.
💛 Sessions must be held by 12/31/2024 in order for the offer to remain valid.

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